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Workout underwear for women is whatever we grab while packing a gym bag for most of us. There's already so much other gear that you need to workout, so underwear is usually not top of mind.

But hear we out...Have you ever done Pilates wearing lace underwear and ended up with an imprint of the design on your butt, or taken cycling and left with a sweat-soaked crotch, or gone on a run and it turned into a walk?

If the answer is yes to any of those, then you may want to consider getting workout-specific underwear.

Workout underwear can make exercising more comfortable, because it's often made from stretchy fabrics that wick away sweat and moisture — and that's important from a health standpoint, too.

Bacteria that cause vaginal infections love hanging around warm, wet environments. So, wearing underwear that can manage moisture can help prevent vaginal infections.

Convinced you need some new underwear?

A smart choice will definitely allow you to run in comfort with nothing to distract from your goals.


Workout underwear for women



What to look for in the best workout underwear for women?


The best type of underwear for you will depend on several factors, including your size and which activities you plan to use them for.

These are some of the factors to consider:



Tighter fit offered more support for higher impact activities like runs and HIIT training. But that’s not to say a looser fit doesn’t have its perks for slower practices such as yoga or mobility work, as they don’t dig in or restrict movement.



When it comes to species, workout underwear for women, there are brief, boxer and bikini fits. Smaller styles may be more discreet, though some runners opt for a fuller fit — again, this is largely down to personal preference.



While cotton may be the most common material when it comes to underwear, brands turned instead to alternatives such as nylon, polyester, polyamide and even merino wool to achieve flexibility and breathability.



A sodden pair of pants are a catalyst for chafing, potentially disrupting your training schedule. Many products for workout underwear for women are made with lightweight materials, and have sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable as you run.


Workout underwear for women



Top of the best models of workout underwear for women


Gymshark No VPL Hipster

Testers found the material was cool and lightweight, able to dry quickly after sweatier sessions and, thanks to their smooth outline, there was no bunching, chafing, falling down, digging in or moving around — even during troublesome exercises like squats.


Material: 75% nylon, 25% elastane

Sizes available: Extra small (24”) to extra large (32”)


Workout underwear for women


Lululemon InvisiWearMid Rise Hipster Underwear

Their design may be understated, but there is plenty to shout about with these Lululemon hipsters.

The thin, lightweight fabric don’t shift around during vigorous exercise and it is able to quickly wick away sweat when we pushed the pace on runs.

Material: 71% nylon, 29% Lycra elastane
Sizes available: Extra small to extra extra large


Workout underwear


Montane Women's Dart Briefs

Montane’s Dart series claims to balance “warmth, wicking and breathability” to provide a great pair of underwear for exercise. The lightweight material was comfortable to wear and helped them keep their cool as they chased PBs. 

Material: “Apex D-Fuse”
Sizes available: UK 6 (24-25”) to UK 16 (31-33”)


Workout underwear for women


Decathlon Running Boxers

These boxers earned plenty of fans thanks to their snug, secure fit and full coverage.

There still plenty to like as they keep wearers cool, don’t limit their range of motion, show no signs of bunching and dry quickly. 

Material: 85% polyester, 15% elastane
Sizes available: Extra small to extra extra large

Workout underwear for women


Women's Under Armour Pure Stretch Hipster

The smooth outline makes these a great, discreet option to wear under leggings, and the super-soft stretch fabric means they are really easy to put on and take off.

The lightweight material is a good match for more relaxed practices such as yoga, Pilates or mobility work, though, keeping our panel cool and comfortable throughout. 

Material: 68% nylon, 32% elastane
Sizes available: Extra small to extra large


Workout underwear for women



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