What it means to be elegant and classy in the 21st century? – Annie and Claire

Looking at some classy and elegant women, it’s hard not to be jealous about how effortless and beautiful everything looks. One of the best characteristics about elegance is that you can be wearing the frumpiest clothes, but as long as you have the confidence and truly believe your elegant. Elegance is a state of mind and a lifestyle just as much as an image.

Historically, women with elegance were strong, feminine and confident. Classy ladies often possess a sense of style and sophistication that is timeless and unmatched.

It’s an appropriate and attractive style regardless of the time or place. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to dress classy and elegant.


 Classy and elegant



How to dress classy and elegant?


So how do you dress classy and elegant everyday? Try these tips!



Wear the right fit

No matter your body type, dressing like a classy woman means buying perfectly fitted clothes that enhance your figure.

  • For petite women: Stick to classic silhouettes because they make you appear taller and leaner – no mini skirts or shoulder pads!
  • For curvy women: Stay away from too-tight dresses, but wear belts and belted jackets to show off your waist.
  • For plus-sized women: Don long, full skirts and buckle belts to balance your body. Basically, belt them big and wear them big!


Choose the right colors

Choosing the right colors is key to looking like a sophisticated woman.

Red and oranges can help you look more vibrant. For a serene look, focus on cooler colors like blues and greens.

Neutral colors, like black, white, beige, brown look good together if they are different shades or textures.

Shades of gray, black, and navy blue can give off a professional vibe.

For something more classy and elegant, olive green, light pink, and beige can all work well.


 Classy and elegant


Avoid overexposing at work

Classy and elegant dressing style is fun for special occasions, but many women dress down for work.

An interview or professional meeting requires you to look sharp and clean without looking too sexy, too sporty, or too trendy. Your attire should reflect your income level.

Good pair of slacks, a blazer, and a dress shirt are essentials for any outfit. Also, keep your clothes wrinkle-free and clean.

In a more conservative office, avoid exposing too much bare skin. Ideally, clothes should fit you, not sag at the waist, and cover your behind.


Wear classic accessories

Accessories never go out of style and look polished and put together at all times.

Wristwatches: Looking at your wrist is a much classier way to keep track of time while you’re out in a meeting or on a date.

Handbags: Consider the purpose. For carrying all of your stuff, choose a big satchel or tote. Something more formal? Try a clutch or small handbag.

Sunglasses: A summer must-have! Pick simple, understated designs without too much detail or embellishment.

Jewelry: Go for one statement neckpiece and avoid layering heavy jewelry.


 Classy and elegant


Wear chic undergarments

The market is full of refined and sexy lingerie options. These include silk robes, corsets, and chemises.

If you’re wearing something tight and skimpy, chances are your panties won’t stay hidden underneath the dress or skirt. The presence of visible panty lines is a turnoff

And let’s be honest, what’s the point of looking elegant if you don’t feel the same way underneath your fancy clothes?


Don’t forget shoes

There’s something undeniably sexy and powerful about a woman wearing classy shoes. Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Invest in well-made, pointy-toed shoes. You can choose from Oxford shoes, pumps, and ballet flats.
  • Heels should be moderately high. Make sure the heel isn’t thicker than the width of your shoe, or you’ll end up with wide ankles.
  • Black, nude, or gray are classy and elegant colors for shoes.
  • Dress in narrow-leg skirts, dresses, or pants. It will help you highlight the shoe’s style and shape.


 Classy and elegant


Wear minimal makeup

Unless you’re attending an opera, don’t wear heavy eye shadows or mascara, and avoid overdoing your blush. When it comes to eye makeup, less is always more.

All you need is powder, eyeliner, mascara, and some pink lip gloss if you like for a natural look. You can break these rules, but only in certain circumstances: for example, wearing dark mascara and red lipstick with a black dress and classic black pumps can look classy and elegant, but do not wear that to an office party.


Pick the right hairstyle

To be graceful, authenticity is key. If you have long, sexy hair that feels good when letting it flow down, keep it that way, don’t cut your locks because others do it. It’s living with dignity!

Simple haircuts highlight your facial features and bone structure best. If you highlight certain parts of your hair, such as your bangs or parting, this can draw attention to certain areas of your face.

Soft waves suit formal occasions or work events and ponytail keeps your hair out of your face while still looking enticing.

Updos. Sophisticated chignons or buns can look stunning.


Classy and elegant


Smell good

Choose your perfume carefully, as cheap perfume has an bad scent. It’s a good idea to smell some perfumes before buying them to make sure you like the scent: Chanel No 5, Joy, Coco Mademoiselle, and Daisy by Marc Jacobs are very popular classy and elegant fragrances.

While wearing citrus-based fruit scents during the day, save fruity scents for the evening. Keep a small bottle of perfume in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.


Keep it hairless, teets and your nails in check

Keep your hands, legs smooth, hair-free.

Among the biggest mistakes women make with their hands is not keeping their nails clean and well-polished. But it’s not that hard!

Get rid of chipped or peeling polish with a nail file. For a more classy and elegant manicure, try a French manicure. To get rid of cuticles, use cuticle oil or sugar scrub with Vaseline every few days. Finally, keep your nails at a decent length—you don’t want to look like you have schnauzers on your fingers!

Keep your pearly whites bright by brushing twice daily with baking soda or toothpaste, flossing once daily.


Say hello to classy outfits

With these outfit ideas, you can look clean and classy and feel like a million bucks

Tops: If you want to dress simple but stylishly, pick a floral print blouse or a crisp button-down shirt. Try lace or ruffles to add some femininity.


Classy and elegant



  • A pair of jeans or trousers look great when opting for a classy but classy and elegant.
  • Below-the-knee A-line or pencil skirts look chic with a blouse or button-down shirt.
  • Tapered pants look great with a nice blouse or blazer for a formal ensemble, as well as with a tank top or t-shirt for an everyday look.
  • Ankle pants flatter all body types and are versatile for both work and play.


DressesBlack dress is always an effortless option for classy and elegant dresses, as is a well-fitting shift or shirt dress. A-line, wrap, and sheath dresses are chic clothing styles that look great at any event.

As a final touch, the trench coat gives the outfit an air of sophistication, or add a leather jacket for some extra edge. Adding a blazer or scarf is also a trendy outfit choice.


 Classy and elegant



Your style is your own personal expression of who you are. A classy and elegant woman shows her pride in herself while being beautiful and graceful. They dress classy and elegant every day for themselves, not to impress or attract others.

So, call me boring, I love black.


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