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Jewerly for summer a bright spark amidst the Covid gloom that’s pervaded our lives these last two years.

It can elevate your look in mere seconds. Whether you're styling a simple tee and denim, summery beachside look, or formal clothes, adding a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or even a body chain can instantly change the vibes. From party jewels and bedazzled pieces to colorful gems, the spring and summer runways were full of stunning jewelry for the hot months ahead.


The best jewerly for summer 2022.



What jewelry is in trend in 2022?


While the trends cycle turns more slowly in jewellery than in fashion, there is no denying the shift towards our desire for electric colour and playfulness.

Jewellery has always been an emotional purchase, but it seems we are keener than ever on saying who we are, with combinations of zodiac signs, birthstones and initials sprinkled liberally across our necks, ears and fingers. People want a talisman, something to hold onto that makes them feel safe in these uncertain times. They are an excellent conversation starter, too.

For Ana Khouri, it’s less about style trends and more of an overarching shift – by jewellers and jewellery lovers – towards a more sustainable approach to making and buying jewellery to be finding ways to be kinder to the environment. Many jewerly for summer 2022 are finding that clients are increasingly responsive to efforts to recycle their unworn pieces and choose vintage jewellery over new. 

Finematter’s Ejdrup says mixing your metals is on-trend in 2022, whether that’s in layering pieces or in a single two-tone piece as at Charlotte Chesnais, Delfina Delettrez or the ultimate mixed-metal classic, Cartier’s Trinity. Page adds that 2021’s neck mess trend is set to continue with a “more is more” approach through mixing and matching as many styles as possible.

Fashion’s ’70s and ’80s influence (see Saint Laurent spring/summer 2022) encourages the rejection of delicate, barely-there jewellery in favour of the unapologetically bold statement piece.


The best jewerly for summer 2022.


Are you team gold or silver? Minimalism or maximalism? Symmetry or asymmetry? The good news is you can be anything you like in 2022. The rule is, there are no rules.

Lucky for you, we've got ya covered with the best jewerly for summer 2022!




The best jewerly for summer 2022


The Choker

Whether it’s a bold gold design, like Louis Vuitton’s new LV Volt Mesh necklace, or a slinky torque, the choker will elevate any look. It was one of the stand-out pieces at the Paris shows in January. We saw several jewelers, including De Beers, Boucheron, and Mikimoto, all unveil pretty spectacular collar necklaces, which will undoubtedly make their way to the red carpet this awards season.

At the couture shows designers including Giambattista Valli, Fendi, and Elie Saab all featured plunging and strapless necklines lending to the trend and “leaving just the right amount of room for a killer collar necklace.”


The best jewerly for summer 2022.

Colorful Necklace Gia



Maximalist Earrings

Big rings are always in style—but they have even more chutzpah this year. Think Silvia Furmanovich’s Egyptian-inspired designs or a chunky gold David Webb style, says Laura Freedman. She’s also bringing back the jumbo-sized Italian gold hoop in a nod to the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Every jewerly designer for summer 2022  is doing their version of the extra-large earring and rings. It looks chic with everything.


The best jewerly for summer 2022.

Fashion Rings Viollete



Bold Chains For Body

There’s no shortage of luxury gold chains - from versatile long necklaces that can be wrapped twice for maximum impact to chunky bracelets and drop earrings. “It’s a nostalgic vibe and it ties in with the “dopamine” dressing trend that everyone keeps referencing.

It reminds him of an early ‘90s feel, and he singles out Jennifer Fisher, Tiffany & Co., and Sophie Buhai as delivering some of the best styles. That ‘90s-centric is chain link is bigger and chunkier and is even more glamourous when it’s studded with diamonds.


The best jewerly for summer 2022.

Chest Chain Loyce



Color Bracelet

Vibrant, juicy colors give jewelry a blast of high energy. From bright enamels to mouthwatering gemstones, big color is everywhere. Teichman says she’s “obsessed” with tropical carved floral pendants and Retrouvai’s chunky gemstone Lollipop rings.

Freedman favors Darkai, a new Italian collection with gold and rhodium-plated electric blue and red links that she’s bringing for spring.


 The best jewerly for summer 2022.

Boho Style Bracelet Zita



Vintage jewels

The vintage riviere is chic, versatile, and everyone’s new favorite. Everybody posted countless Instagram selfies in tank tops with layers of diamond rivieres. New styles showretro and colored gemstones in a variety of shapes, styles, and price points. The vintage is like a second skin.

You can wear it day to night, sleep in it, and it can be layered with longer necklaces and worn with pretty much everything. Enough.


  The best jewerly for summer 2022

Multi-Layer Necklace Jonell



Zodiak signs

It’s a style we can’t stop loving. That’s because designers keep developing new takes on these classic gold rings. A favorite of men and women, new styles feature personal and sentimental motifs, and they can be customized with zodiac signs, birthstones, initials and just about anything.

Jewerly for summer 2022 needs personalization. Personalization is baked into the foundation of jewelry, “it’s what makes jewelry special.”


The best jewerly for summer 2022

Multilayer Bracelet Anya



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