The color trends in sports fashion of the 2022 – Annie and Claire
Color trends Spring/Summer 2022 is divided into two themes.
The first is an enhanced version of natural color and high saturation makes it full of joy and lively style.
The second is the daily comfort color, which gives people a sense of relaxation and calmness.
It is a fact that consumers will seek comfort from familiar and familiar styles in the post-epidemic era.
The earth color trends is extremely reassuring, and the use of plant dyes can create an environmentally friendly color choice.
As people’s lives gradually turn online, digital fitness courses emerge, and the use of jumping bright colors to respond to digital themes makes it extremely important for colors to stand out on the screen.
Common reds, blues, and grays will appeal to newcomers to fitness, as well as consumers who want to incorporate sports style into street styles.
Classic sports tones will appeal to emerging fitness consumers.

Color trends spring/summer 2022.

Warm Color Style
The warm gray tone of the spring and summer of 2022 focusing on highlighting the health status. These healing colors are reminiscent of recreational treatments and are dedicated to conveying the concept of slow-paced life. In this palette, light blue and lavender add a bit of warm texture to the gray tone is quite dynamic and vibrant. Apply these colors trends to the whole body elastic fabric to create home-style recovery clothing.
 Color trends in 2022
Vitality For Active Clothing
The soft porcelain color and corn yellow exude a reassuring nostalgia, while the glazed blue and champagne white are quite modern and clean. Apply the color to the whole body fabric, and add a few touches of and champagne white and black to highlight the vibrant tones. This palette is suitable for outdoor and fitness series for young consumers.
Color trends in 2022
Digital Style
The color inspired by the digital exudes full appeal. The key color holiday purple will stand out on the screen and in real life. Apply this palette to high-performance styles. You will definitely be noticed. Especially if you keep sports classes online.
Color trends in 2022
Fiery Style
This theme incorporates the color trends of fitness clothing that is increasingly transitional, and aims to present a versatile style of gym styles or club. The heavy color palette is ideal for high-intensity training styles or streetwear. You can use it of alternative colors such as white and purple with classic colors, such as orange, red and blue. Using dark colors with red and orange, you can present a brighter visual effect.
 Color trends in 2022
High-intensity Dynamic Style
Classic sports colors such as red, blue, and gray have been popular since autumn/winter 21/22. These common colors will attract new consumers in the sportswear market. For the avant-garde fitness styles, it is recommended to use dark orange peel color, rhubarb fruit color and other jumping colors.
Color trends in 2022
Bright Style
These shades are suitable for fitness and outdoor series. As orange gradually becomes an important color trend in the spring and summer of 2022, matching colors can enhance the sense of existence and vitality of this color. The stick ice orange is used to inject a bit of advanced style into the eye-catching hue, and inject youthful vitality into the hiking silhouette.
Color trends in 2022
Peace Style
Plant-based shades will convey peace of mind and environmental protection information, and inject a quiet and steady texture into the product range. This palette is ideal for fitness and yoga series, suitable for the bottom layer and jacket style. Hot sauce color and porcelain color can be used as accent colors to highlight the richness of botanical tones.
Color trends in 2022
Natural Style
The palette uses a series of vibrant green tones. Plant-based tones are extremely influential, and the key color, moss green, is a new neutral color trend for monochrome styles. It is an excellent choice for outdoor modeling and yoga. The different option is the palette originated from mainly composed of earth colors. The female deer color will gradually evolve into a neutral color, and gray rose red injects a sense of luxury into the palette.
Color trends in 2022




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