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The best swimsuits for summer 2022. are for brave women!

Everyone’s concept of the best swimsuits for summer 2022. is different. For some, it’s the fun, bright colors and fashion-forward details. For others, it’s the fun, bright colors and fashion-forward details. But no matter what you prioritize most or whether you prefer, the ideal bathing suit is the one that makes you feel great in your body.

There's no greater feeling than finding a swimsuit you love, but getting there can be a challenge. A good bathing suit needs to look flattering, fit well, feel supportive and stay in place as you move. It also needs to be durable and keep its shape use after use.

So, now that warmer weather is here and travel is taking off again, you’ll likely need a new swimsuit (or two) in the very near future, and we will help you to find the best swimsuits for summer 2022.





How do you choose the best swimsuits for summer 2022?


Ideally, you’ll have three points of reference to work from: the bust, the waist and the hips. For the most accurate fit, take your measurements with the tape resting comfortably against your skin.


Do you size up or down for swimsuits?

In general, swim fabrics stretch a bit when wet so if you’re in between sizes, it can be wise to size down or stay true to your size. That’s if you plan on actually swimming and getting wet in your suit. Lounging by the pool or wearing your bathing suit as part of your outfit are different occasions. In this situation, sizing up can help you feel more comfortable in fitted silhouettes since the natural stretching process won’t happen in the water.

The monokini and tankini are both making triumphant comebacks, and come in a variety of cut-out styles and cropped lengths.If you are throwing a pool party, the micro-glitter swimwear trend is a must. And if you’re headed to the beach, a sleek long-sleeve wetsuit or halter bikini top will keep everything in place for water activities.





Ruffles are romantic. Ruffles are a great way to emphasize and your collarbones.

The style is reminiscent of summer days by the sea, ice cream cones from the corner store and rides in the back of a pick up truck (basically the summer of dreams).

We predict that ruffles will be on the rise this summer especially after Gigi Hadid prominently featured them in her new collection with Frankies Bikinis.

This girkly bikini top comes in sizes XS-3X and provides good coverage and support for every girls.





The Tankini


We believe in second chances, and that applies to the tankini. The tankini revival comes in a shorter length than it’s original predecessor—think of it more like a crop top and less like a one-piece cut in half. Tankinis come in strapless, halter, and triangle options, so there are lots of styles to experiment with.

A tankini is also the best swimsuits for summer 2022. for vacations where you’ll be in and out of the pool, hotel lobby and restaurants. Just throw on a sarong and you’re fully dressed!

This bikini top comes in sizes XXS-XXL and in summery hues.


 Tankini swimsuit





Sparkly bikinis started to come to the surface of swimwear fashion last summer, and they’re sure to be a full-fledged trend this season.

If you’ve ever wanted to sparkle in the sun Twilight-style, the micro-glitter bikini trend will make your dreams come true.

A micro-glitter bikini has a special sparkle that makes for excellent vacation photos without looking too over-the-top. They’re also fun to dress up with stacked jewelry and ideal for special events like a beachy bachelorette party.

This bikini set will give you a super glam beachy vibe with extra comfort, thanks to the high-waisted bottoms. 


 Micro-Glitter swimsuit



The Monokini


Celebrities carried the monokini trend ten years ago, and even now, we know Kim Kardashian has an affinity for a good cut-out one-piece.

While a monokini may leave you with some funky tan lines, it will also emphasize an hour-glass body shape and get you lots of attention.

It may take a few tries to find the perfect cut-out shape, but once you have it, you’ll be wearing it on repeat.


 The Monokini swimsuit



The Halter Top


Halter tops are the best swimsuits for summer 2022. for going out! It’s timeless, sexy and looks amazing on everyone.

A halter top will show off your collarbones and provide some extra support if you plan on jumping around in the waves.

A good way to test out the halter top trend is by tying your ol’ faithful string bikini straps by criss-crossing them in front of your neck before tying them behind it.


 The Halter Top swimsuit



The Wetsuit


If you spent cumulative hours watching the big that used to show popular surf locations like Huntington Beach in CA, then you already know that wetsuits are super cool. A red-hot swimsuit is one of the ultimate beach looks, thanks to Pamela Anderson.

There’s no reason you can’t look cute while catching (or attempting to catch) a wave!

Wetsuits are sleek and sporty with long neoprene sleeves—if you want a girlier look, opt for cut-outs, floral prints or colorful detailing.


The Wetsuit swimsuit



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