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The Best Pilates Equipment of 2022 can be used at home. The corona virus pandemic has taken its toll and more and more people are training at home and they enjoy it!

If you want to keep your workouts dynamic and challenging, proper equipment can help you reach the next level.

From the Pilates reformer to the Wunda chair to the springboard, you have an opportunity for endless variety and challenges for all pilates levels!



What to look for in the best pilates equipment?


When stocking up on Pilates equipment, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.



Pilates equipment comes in many different sizes. Some Pilates equipment is small and lightweight (Pilates rings and Pilates balls) And other Pilates equipment is just the opposite (Wunda reformers and chairs) When shopping, consider how much space you’re willing to spare.



It’s always a good idea to invest in durable fitness equipment. But when you’re shopping for something you plan to exercise on, durability becomes even more vital. So if you have your sights set on a reformer, Wunda chair, or springboard, be careful to invest in something that’s genuinely sturdy (like steel and wood), and pay attention to the piece’s weight capacity. 



Some pieces of Pilates equipment are more advanced than others. If you feel ready to tackle a challenge, consider visiting your local Pilates studio and getting acquainted with some new equipment.




The best pilates equipment for home



Best Budget Reformer


If you love Pilates and you feel ready to invest in your at-home set-up, a Pilates reformer can be a great buy.

The reformer comes equipped with a sliding carriage and since that base is outfitted with adjustable shoulder pads and a three-position headrest, you can rest assured knowing you’ll stay cushioned and comfortable during your workouts. The reformer also boasts an extra-wide footbar, which you can adjust both horizontally and vertically no matter your height.


     Pilates Reformer


Pilates Ring


You can get a lot done with a Pilates ring—known by many as a Magic Circle.

Now, there are plenty of great Pilates rings out there, but at 5.43 ounces, it’s lightweight enough to carry with you on the go. But since it’s crafted from durable composite material and encased in a protective plastic laminate and soft foam cover it should be sturdy enough to last you a while.


     Pilates Ring


Pilates Mat


The high-density foam mat is 0.5 inches thick. This added thickness should help you comfortably tackle mat Pilates exercises, while giving you the versatility you need to tackle yoga exercises, too.

All this said, the mat is slip-resistant (like a yoga mat).


    Pilates Mat  


AeroPilates Precision Pilates Chair


If you’re looking for a piece of the best Pilates equipment that’s both challenging and space-efficient, we recommend investing in a Pilates chair.

You can use a Pilates chair to strengthen your arms and your legs, while also challenging your back and core. And since it’s the size of an average chair, it’ll demand way less space than a reformer.

The chair is outfitted with a padded platform and padded cushion as well as padded handlebars and pedals, no matter your height.


      AeroPilates Precision Pilates Chair


Resistance Band Set


Resistance bands can be great tools for both stretching and strength training.

The set comes with three resistance bands, each of which measures 5-feet long and 4-inches wide. To keep things interesting, the color-coded bands come in three different resistance levels.

Unlike resistance loops, these bands are open-ended, meaning you can grip one end with each hand.


     TheraBand Resistance Band Set


Sliding Discs


If you’re willing to get creative, you can use sliding discs to level up many of your favorite exercises.

The dual-sided discs are crafted from soft foam on one side and slick plastic on the other, so you can flip them over to adjust your experience on different kinds of floors.

This clever design makes the sliding discs great for working out at home, or for bringing with you on the go.


     Sliding Discs


Pilates Ball


Pilates balls are versatile, budget-friendly, and space-efficient. The ball is crafted from durable PVC. And since it’s inflatable, it should feel a little like a balance ball.

The ball is designed to withstand up to 600 pounds of pressure at a time. And since it’s anti-burst, it should never pop underneath you. Instead, it should gradually deflate - a feature that should keep you from getting an unsettling surprise mid-workout.


Pilates Ball     


Arc Barrel


Arc barrels offer a classic way to stretch and strength-train during a Pilates session. The small piece of this the best Pilate equipment is shaped like a half-cylinder, giving you a flat surface to rest on the ground, a mat, or a cadillac, and an arched surface to explore during your Pilates workouts.

The arc barrel is cushioned with soft EVA foam, so it should keep you comfortable as you stretch and exercise.

And since it weighs a mere 8 pounds, it should be easy to bring with you on the go, too.


    Arc Barrel


Ankle Weights


Wearable weights—which can be worn on your wrists or ankles—add an extra layer of strength training to classic Pilates moves, making exercises you’ve mastered feel challenging again.

The weights are crafted from mesh and neoprene, so they should feel pretty comfortable. And they come lined with Velcro strips, which can help to fasten them tightly around your ankles.

Start with a beginner-friendly 5-pound set (made up of two 2.5-pound weights), or go all-in on a 10-pound set (made up of two 5-pound weights).


    Ankle Weights


Pilates Socks

Socks aren’t a must during Pilates. But if you want to wear them—and if you don’t want to start slipping and sliding all over the place—it may be worth it to invest in a pair of grip socks. Grip socks look and feel a lot like normal socks, but their soles are lined with grippy dots. These dots lend the socks traction, helping you stay on your feet and in control whenever you wear them.

Each sock comes equipped with five small holes, which you can slide your toes through to expose them.


    Ankle Weights



Often, you’ll see a springboard attached to a reformer. But with Balanced Body’s Pilates Springboard, you can score the springboard and forgo the reformer—saving space in the process. The large board measures 72 inches tall and 20 inches wide, and it mounts directly onto your wall to free up floor space. Lining both sides of the board, you’ll find a series of hooks.

These hooks can attach to all kinds of classic Pilates accessories - like springs, roll-down bars, and more - giving you plenty of options, as you go to craft dynamic Pilates workouts.


 Pilates Springboard



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