Sustainability fashion seems to be the hottest trend this summer! – Annie and Claire

Sustainability fashion is a hot topic.

There's no doubt sustainability is a word that has been used around casually in recent years, especially in fashion.

Eco-minded fashion companies are transparent with their practices and supply chain. They source and use sustainable materials, such as natural fibers, recycled nylons, and polyesters derived from plastic, waste remnants, or other innovative fabrics.

Conscious brands commit to fair and ethical labor practices (some hold certified B-Corp status, which means they are making a meaningful social and environmental impact).

Earlier this year Ganni announced it would be replacing all its animal-leather with alternatives, such as grape leather, and Louis Vuitton recently released a leather-free version of its popular Charlie Sneaker.


Sustainable fashion


Speaking of leather alternatives, one of the most promising and popular replacements is mushroom. From Stella McCartney and Hermès both launching mushroom leather bags to mushroom product packaging, it may just be the hottest material in the fashion world. Most recently, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger joined sustainable fashion coalition Ecovative whose main focus is innovations with mycelium and mushroom leather.

Third-party certifications are becoming more important to consumers who want detailed transparency about the brands they are supporting.

While some style mavens have been opting for eco-friendly, ethically made clothing for years, lately sustainability seems to be fashion’s hottest trend.

Here are some of our favorite sustainable fashion brands to embrace and shop today for a better tomorrow. From everyday basics like T-shirts and underwear, to eco-friendly swimwear and trendy summer dresses, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the stylish and sustainable offerings.




The best sustainable fashion brands in 2022.



Girlfriend Collective

Who can resist a matching activewear set? Girlfriend Collective is loved for its colorful compression leggings, functional sports bras, and other cute separates that fit every body shape and size.

Not only will you feel confident during your workout, you'll feel great knowing that everything is made from recycled materials. Girlfriend Collective is the best example of sustainable fashion.


Sustainable fashion




If you've ever embarked on the search for the perfect wedding guest dress, chances are you know Reformation. The extensive collection is made from low-impact fabrics, deadstock materials, or repurposed vintage wares in sustainable facilities.

What's even cooler is that shoppers can track the sustainable fashion of each style and the certified climate-neutral company releases a quarterly sustainability report with its progress.


Sustainable fashion




Everlane was founded in 2010 on the premise of offering quality wardrobe essentials ethically produced at transparent and affordable prices directly to shoppers. The brand is popular for its versatile selection, but fans also appreciate the honest disclosure - you can see exactly how much it costs to make each item and where it's made on its product page.

While "conventional" jeans require an excess of water and chemicals to produce, these pairs are produced at clean denim factories that pass environmental regulations.


Sustainable fashion



Eileen Fisher

Respected as an early leader of sustainable fashion, Eileen Fisher set out to design clothing that is timeless.

hese pieces are also constructed with responsibly sourced materials for durability, they possess longevity and reduce the constant need for new. The New York-based, employee-owned brand makes elevated wardrobe staples - like cropped cardigans and tank dresses, box tops and tapered pants - in stunning silhouettes, and from materials like organic linen, organic pima cotton, and responsible merino wool.


Sustainable fashion




Pact specializes in casual apparel, from cute day dresses to lined camisoles to loungewear, at affordable prices—most pieces are under $100. While that's already enough of a draw, everything is made of certified organic cotton that uses less water than conventional crops.

The company also partners with fair trade-certified factories to provide safe working conditions and support workers in building sustainable livelihoods.


Sustainable fashion



Lezé the Label

The company also partners with a Taiwanese Canadian family-owned factory that uses renewable energy and pays its workers over 15 percent more than the industry standard. Other eco-conscious pieces in the collection are made with materials derived from raw beech wood and even coffee grinds (yes, really: it's infused into yarn).

Featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things in 2021, this cloud-like are also made from a stretchy fabric that contains recycled nylon generated from fishing nets.


Sustainable fashion




Most known for its colorful sweatsuits loved by celebrities and influencers, Pangaia describes itself as a "materials science company" that uses innovative materials and technology to create earth-friendly fashion.

Bio-based fabrics such as a down fill derived from wildflowers, a biodegradable eucalyptus pulp and seaweed-based fiber used in the tees, and a cotton-like fiber made of fruit waste are a few of the impressive standouts it has developed.


Sustainable fashion




Yes, that's right - Annieandclaire has its own sustainable fashion line of apparel.

Newly launched collection, the capsule consists of versatile wardrobe essentials like casual dresses, T-shirts, sweats, and swimwear all made with sustainable fabrics.

They strive to be a global leader in fashion and sports industry by empower in inovation and design to provide total costumar satisfaction, and goal for brand is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer.


Sustainable fashion




It makes sense that you'd want your undergarments to be made of natural, good-for-you materials. Enter Knickey. Stock your top drawer with beautifully cut underwear and bralettes constructed with certified organic cotton that is free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

The carbon-neutral company offers a first-of-its-kind recycling program that accepts your worn intimates, tights, and socks from any brand.


Sustainable fashion




The brand is accredited with the Fair Labor Association and uses eco-friendly materials including Econyl (which turns fishing nets and other plastic waste into regenerated fibers), organic cotton, and ocean plastic buttons in the denim.

Though it started as a menswear label, the women's offerings have grown robust as well; our picks are the cozy blanket shirts and relaxed jumpsuits. Plus, a majority of the collection comes in well under $200.


Sustainable fashion


Consumers want to wear clothing that makes them feel themselves comfortable and takes their bodies into consideration. It chooses the sustainable fashion route that includes timeless and high-quality pieces that extends high-end opportunities of self-creativity!


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