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Bodysuits? How many do you have in your closet?

Bodysuits are simple must have!

For a long time, the bodysuit was the underwear of the super thin – a way to show the perfectly sculpted physique. Now modern bodysuits and shapewear have been designed to give every woman who wears them the confidence to wear anything, no matter what their size. In fact, plus size bodysuits is in charge to more women realising that confidence is what makes you beautiful – not your dress size.

Lace bodysuits for a romantic style, cotton for unbeatable comfort, with short or long sleeves, shaping or fluid bodice, the universe of possibilities of bodysuits is endless.

This lingerie, which incorporates both a bra, with or without underwire, and a bottom can be worn as an undergarment.

Also, if you're the type of person that wants to avoid tucking your shirt in every five seconds, bodysuits totally solve that annoying problem.

In the end, the best fact is that you can wear them all-year round!





How to wear a bodysuit?


There is no rule. Every woman have freedom. Bodysuits already include a panty, which closes at the crotch with small snaps. For aesthetics, some women wear it directly on their skin. Others feel more comfortable wearing it over panties, a g-string or a thong.

Be careful, though, to choose a discreet bottom that works in harmony with the cut of the bodysuit. For example, avoid shorties which cover the buttocks. Likewise, favor a Brazilian brief over a high-waisted panty, which might add thickness at the hips.

Under a skirt or a little dress, tights can be a nice addition. To stay comfortable all day, it’s best to put on the tights first, provided you are wearing panties under the bodysuit.

If you have a round silhouette, show off your generous curves with a great bodysuit with wide straps and a V-neck to elegantly highlight your assets, paired with a leather skirt and a colorful cape jacket. Women with smaller breasts can let themselves be tempted by underwire-free styles for a plunging neckline. Triangle-shaped varieties, very trendy, will look lovely under a jacket or vest. A long-sleeved bodysuit will be elegant combined with a skirt, while the backless styles will match perfectly with tight pants.

Bodysuits, resolutely inspired by the world of undergarments, reveal pretty embroidery in black or colored lace. Play the casual glamor card by balancing your outfit with a tweed jacket, or a loose sweater. For a femme fatale style, a black lace bodysuit peeking out from under a tuxedo or a suit jacket is irresistible. High-waist jeans worn with a bodysuit make for a sexy retro look.

For an unconventional style, bet on a plain white bodysuit with high-waist jeans, topped off with a floral kimono. High-waist black pants and a dark bodysuit will create a total rocker look. For an evening outfit or a professional meeting, go for chic pants that tie at the waist, paired with a V-neck lace bodysuit. Choose from shades of pearly white or trendy colors such as wine red or pine tree green.

It’s a bit of an urban myth that you should pick a size down from what you normally wear, but you really don’t need to do this, as it will just result in ugly bulges and painful pinching, which no one wants. Instead, you just need to choose the same size you would usually wear. If you’re a bit in-between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size to avoid the bulging and pinching of a too-tight suit.





Best body models for summer 2022.


Casual Bodysuit Pat

Keep things simple in this white tank bodysuit from lingerie label Pat. Not only can it serve as a base layer for sheer dresses, but it also doubles as an easy companion to jeans and skirts. Complete the look with a sleek blazer, or for something funkier, try a printed jacket.





Long Sleeve Bodysuit Chelsea

You can count on underwear brand Chelsea to offer a bodysuit focused on comfort. This stretchy, cotton option is an easy basic that can serve as the starting point for many outfits. Since it comes in basic colors, feel free to invest in a few options to anchor your style.





Basic Bodysuit Ebony

This zippered bodysuit from British label Ebony can easily be layered with heavier pieces like a elegant skirt or button-down. Just make sure to stretch and move around in this bodysuit before really wearing it out to ensure the low scoop neckline fits you properly and doesn’t slip too low.





Bodysuit Shelia

For those looking to add a pop of color into their wardrobe, this leopard print option from Sheila is a winner. The label is known for vibrant, feminine pieces, and this bodysuit is no exception. Try styling it with relaxed light-wash jeans and black ankle boots for a California-inspired style take.





Sexy Bodysuit Romana

Leave it to popular label Romana to offer the ideal bodysuit that’s the perfect spring pick-me-up. This label’s signature is the star here, offering a pop of color that can liven up a pair of simple trousers. This is the best bodysuit for a statement-making outfit once warm weather arrives.





One Shoulder Bodysuit Renetta

For fans of basics brands like Everlane, consider looking into Renetta an label that specializes in simple, stylish pieces for everyday wear. This off-the-shoulder silhouette is a great choice for a night out or dressier events. The asymmetric silhouette makes this option especially unique.




Drop Shoulders Bodysuit Monique

French label Monique is recommended if you’re seeking something that skews towards lingerie. This lightweight jersey bodysuit has an elegant update thanks to trim details around the neckline but still holds a minimalist aesthetic.




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