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Beach outfits for summer 2002. it's already an old topic, but now's the time to usher in the newfound energy of the summer season in all its glory!

Now you already know what is in this summer, what suits whom, what doesn't. You will agree, today’s beach outfits have evolved beyond the basic bikini and cover-up. The more important is that beach essentials have become an integral part of everyday style, whether it’s a beach sarong that can double as a mini skirt when paired with a strappy sandal or a low-back one-piece swimsuit that can be worn as a bodysuit with wide-leg pants.

This season is all about pairing your new summer fashion finds with your go-to summer capsule wardrobe pieces, like think high-waisted trousers. And most importantly, the best beach outfits are meant to be fun—think bold, bright-colored accessories and dramatically oversized straw hats.

Ahead, discover the most fashionable beach outfits to get you even more excited for summer (and yes, these can be worn to the pool, too).


Beach outfits



The best beach outfit ideas


Bandeau and High-Waisted Trousers

Bandeau bikini styled with a high-waisted, loose-fitting trouser. You can repeat this look hundreds of times with different colors, fabrics, and of course, accessories.

Opt for a classic look with subtle hints of gold jewelry like a medium-sized hoop earring and dainty choker necklace.


Beach outfits


Bikini and Silk Bandana Beach Fashion

Perhaps the favorite styling piece for the summer is the silk bandana. It’s the ultimate versatile piece, from wearing it as a neck scarf or hair tie to a skirt or top; the silk bandana can be transformed into many different pieces.

Indulge in bright prints and style with a basic black swimsuit.


 Beach outfits


Knit Cover-Up and One-Piece

Summer knits made quite the splash last summer, but this summer it looks more sexy, is it?

Embrace the trend by wearing a knit swimsuit under a knit dress and compliment the texture with Gianvito Rossi’s braided leather sandal and Prada’a straw beach bag.


 Beach outfits


Summer Whites Beach Outfit

There’s nothing quite as fresh as wearing white shirt or dress on a warm day at the beach. Keep the button-down and shorts slightly oversized for a casual vibe.

Complete the outfit with contrasting dark accessories like chunky black sunglasses and black sombrero tote bag.


Beach outfits


Matching Skirt Set Beach Outfit

If there’s anything 2020 proved, it’s that we love a matching set - whether loungewear or beachwear.

Dress up your beach outfit with a matching tie-front top and tiered maxi skirt to wear down to the ocean and to dinner. Opt for a flower timepiece that both body the outfit while keeping it seemingly casual.


 Beach outfits


Bikini, High-Waisted Shorts, and Sun Hat

Another one of our favorite beach outfit ideas? The high-waisted boxer-inspired short paired with a vintage bra-top bikini.

Keep it simple by styling with a trendy beach hat (that also protects you from harmful UV rays) and interesting jewelry.


Beach outfits


Bold Bikini and Printed Silk Pants

There is such ease that comes with wearing a flowy silk trouser with a bikini top. It looks flawless, no matter what size you wear.

Expert advice: opt for mood-boosting colors, like a bold yellow triangle top, to make the look pop on the sand and in photos.


 Beach outfits


Floral Blouse and Bikini Bottoms

For a more summer feel, try deeming a floral blouse the hero piece of your beach outfit.

Style it with a simple bikini and beach-ready accessories like a structured straw hat and a basket bag with chic, leather detailing. And, if the beach isn’t your only stop that day, make sure to throw a pair of light-wash jeans into your bag.


Beach outfits


One-Piece and High-Waisted Denim Shorts

Another evergreen beach outfit that you most likely already own: a one-piece and high-waisted denim shorts. But this season, the look is getting more fancy.

Opt for leather slide sandals and a dainty anklet to make the outfit feel fresh, modern, and playful.


 Beach outfits


All Black Everything

New Yorkers, this look is for you. From its monochromatic color palette to the pairing of a bandeau bikini top with a cardigan and wrap skirt, this is the ultimate Manhattan girl beach look.

Complete the outfit with your go-to sunglasses, and you’ve officially mastered New York minimalist beach style.


Beach outfits


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