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Animal prints are back on trend!

Look around any place, bus station, bar or restaurant and the odds are that someone will be wearing animal print. It has proved one of the most powerful and enduring fashion movements of recent seasons, with a staying power that has outlasted every other.

No matter the year or the season, animal prints are a constant in fashion. It's usually a matter of pinpointing what specific fauna-inspired graphic that designers are gravitating to en masse — it could be leopard spots one year, then zebra stripes the next.

The best part about it is that animal prints aren’t hard to find — be it a high-end shops or the local bazaar!


 Animal print



How animal print is back in fashion?


Animal prints are synonymous with the desire to experience the energy of the exotic lands. The most common pieces are comprised of sumptuous-looking silks and synthetic fabrics that flow across the body, creating a relaxed silhouette.”

The very design makes it a chic statement in itself.

The designer says that despite the many other prints, there’s one kind that has made appearances on runways across all four fashion weeks for Spring 2022 — tiger stripes. This particular animal print roared the loudest in Italy at an exclusive animal print-heavy Robert Cavalli show.

Feline spots were all over the catwalks, suggesting there’s at least another season’s mileage left in leopard. Designers Ashley Williams and Emilia Wickstead sent exotic outerwear down the runway in London and in Milan, the print was spotted at Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Bottega Veneta.

Leopard has also proved a commercial hit on the high street. Sales of animal-print product rose by 223% in 2018 at etail giant Asos compared with the previous year. Brands and retailers including Instagram-favourite US label Realisation Par, H&M sister brand & Other Stories and high street staple Topshop have all had leopard print skirts.

While many would wonder that if animal prints aren’t exactly anything new, how does the trend manage to remain timeless and ever-evolving. It’s the newer prints that help keep the look popular! For example, this year, designers have been experimenting with snake prints. Next time, it’ll be something more spectacular.

Nobody can go wrong with this trend. Animal print, when done right, is never truly out of style. The trick lies in not overdoing it, keeping it minimal and not loud.


 Animal print



How to style the animal print fashion trend this spring


There are numerous reasons why you should wear animal prints this summer

The skin pattern of leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, crocodile, and snake make anyone look special. This phenomena makes any outfit style look daring, bold and sophisticated. Moreover, this bright pattern can make your outfit look classic, of course if the styling is done right. Keep in mind one thing, it’s not always simple to dress in animal prints.



The key to wearing leopard print and not looking like Tony the Tiger’s long-lost cousin? Stick to one piece at a time. If you’re wearing a pair of shorts, for example, stick on a white T-shirt.

The same goes for tops and jackets, which should be toned down with plain, well-cut trousers or by slotting muted layers over the top.


Animal print




Size matters, particularly when it comes to spots. While ditsy all-over prints are easier to pull off, the trend at the moment is towards big statement patterns.

If you are super-sizing, remember that darker, tonal or monochrome patterns will blow up far easier than the traditional colourway, which should be kept small in scale.


Animal print



As it turns out, a leopard can quite easily change its spots, from black-on-yellow to a whole spectrum of tones. The usual graphics are being mixed with neon and colourful bases, which is great for holiday and festival season.

Keep bright, high-contrast prints on high summer and resortwear pieces like short-sleeved shirts and swim shorts, which handle it better than jumpers jackets.


 Animarl print




Geometric patterns like stripes or checks are uniform and therefore easier on the eye, and as such can be clashed with wild abandon. But leopard print, being more chaotic to start with, is better off solo.

At the moment anything goes when wearing prints, but leopard always looks great with black or dark tones.


Animal print


Keep it elegant and voguish! Try on statement black sunglasses, marvelous earrings and black-white zebra print cozy coat.

Speaking of prints sizes and colors, then every animal pattern comes in different variations, for instance tiger style comes in a bigger pattern, zebra print comes in diagonal patterns of black and white (nowadays many designers tend to create neon colored zebra prints), while the leopard print varies in colors and sizes. You won’t be needing a lot of accessories, as the print makes its job done perfectly. Be sure that animal look will bring uniqueness to your outfit. Those of you who want to add sexy touch, then I highly recommend to pair these prints with skin-baring garments, like mini shorts and skirts.

This marvelous blazer-coat in black-white zebra print will for sure make you look individual and sophisticated. Complete the look by adding plain white T-shirt and ripped blue skinnies teamed with strappy heeled sandals and neon yellow clutch.


Be sure, animal prints will surely show-off your individuality.

Once you learn how to make this wild animal print look fabulous, believe me, you will look attractive as never before. This print can be considered as a timeless trend.



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