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Style tips are must known. Being able to dress chic and stylish every day is a skill that can be difficult to master.

With the traditional values and modern touch, every woman likes to stay stylish in her own way.

We’ve rounded up the top 15 style tips that every woman should know.

Whether you’re headed to work, out for drinks, or even to weekend vacation, these advice gems are sure to see you looking fashionable and fabulous every time you step out of the house.




15 style tips every women should know


Style tips are for a woman who KNOWS WHAT she WANTS. If you want to be a stylish woman, you've done more than half the work. Follow our advice!



  1. Edit and organize your closet


When it comes to dressing stylishly, organizing, and editing your closet is essential. How can you create a great outfit if you can’t even see what you own?

Start by refreshing your wardrobe and donating or selling anything that you don’t wear or love.

Then, organize the remaining items neatly into categories.

Also, for more inspiring, buy a shoe rack so that you can easily visualize complete outfits.


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  1. Find a good tailor


While you may not initially want to spend the extra money to get items altered, you’ll quickly learn that the extra wear you get out of them far outweighs the cost.

The work of a good tailor can make even a bargain wardrobe look designer.

Whether it’s a pair of jeans that have been hemmed or a dress that’s been taken in, nothing beats a garment that’s precisely fitted to you.

Another great tip is to get your tailor to change cheap buttons to fancier styles for more luxurious look.


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  1. Balance your top and bottom


It’s important to plan outfits where the top and bottom complement each other.

If you’re wearing a loose shirt, try pairing it with tight pants, and if you’re wearing wide-leg pants or a full skirt, consider partnering it with a fitted or cropped top.

A successful and elegance look comes from striking the right balance.


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  1. Invest in styles that work for your body


Having an endless supply of outfits that look great on you requires strategic shopping.

If you’re not sure what clothes work best for you, have a look at the most flattering items you already own.

If those high-rise skinny jeans and that empire waist dress are working for you, you should shop for other pieces with the same silhouette.

Then, have fun experimenting with different fabrics, colors, and embellishments.


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  1. Go to the Fitting Room


Don’t ever go shopping when you’re unprepared to face the fitting room.

Also, remember the style tips to dress for the item for which you’re shopping to get the best perspective.

Try an evening dress with high heels and matching underwear will always look better than sneakers and a sports bra.


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6. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns


If you’ve been sticking to basic block colors for the past ten years, now’s the time to be bold and embrace checks, stripes, florals, gingham, and more.

Just remember to make sure that your patterns complement rather than clash. To do so, try choosing one focal design and accenting your outfit with another.


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 7. Curate your colours to suit your skin tone


Have you ever wondered why some colors look great on you and others don’t? It’s because of your skin tone.

If you have a cool complexion, shop for garments in colors like white, black, grey, silver, and blue. If your undertones are warm, on the other hand, stock up on designs in shades of brown, yellow, gold, olive, and red.


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 8. Buy three essential jackets


A tailored blazer, leather jacket, and denim jacket are the three designs that are non-negotiable style tips for every stylish lady.

While a tailored blazer will have you covered for work and formal occasions, the denim jacket will take care of casual looks.

The leather jacket, on the other hand, is perfect for edgy outfits and evening drinks.


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 9. Show just the right amount of skin


To ensure that you nail the right look, try showing off just one part of your body.

If your best feature is your legs, opt for a long-sleeve, high-neck mini dress. If you want to show off your cleavage with a deep-V design, pick one that’s full-length.

When in doubt, try revealing less, not more.


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 10. Don’t forget to accessorise


Whether it’s something as simple as a belt or as decadent as lashings of necklaces, accessories have the power to transform your look from good to great.

Stylish shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses, and jewelry are all essential items to own and wear for a fashionable finishing touch.


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 11. Upgrade a casual outfit with a scarf


By just slipping on a scarf before heading out the door, you can make any relaxed outfit appear more put together and polished.

So, the next time you’re rocking jeans and a T-shirt, try following their lead and elevating your ensemble with a scarf.


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 12. Create a DIY styling kit


A stain-removing pen, a lint-roller, a pill remover, a needle, and some thread, and safety pins are all must-have emergency items.

Other necessary articles include double-sided tape for fixing loose hems and gaping tops, a bra clip for hiding visible straps, and a makeup sponge for banishing deodorant marks.


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 13. Always have a white fitted shirt on hand


A white fitted shirt is a highly versatile piece of clothing and an invaluable item to have on hand. Whether you’re wearing pants, distressed denim shorts or a pleated midi skirt, a white button-up can complete your outfit with style.

While a white shirt appears chic and sophisticated, an off-white shirt can look old and sloppy.


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 14. Pre-Select outfits for busy mornings


Every woman knows the pain of being busy in the morning and having to try and find something to wear.

Having stylish, pre-selected looks in your closet will make your mornings run smoothly, no matter how late you sleep in. Try preparing some on the weekend and hanging the pieces together in your closet so that they’re ready to go.


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  1. Learn style tips how to layer


Layering can take an outfit from plain to perfect. While it can be a hard skill to master, it’s one worth learning.

Try wearing a white crew-neck T-shirt under a satin slip dress, a trench coat with a mini-skirt over the top, or fishnet stockings underneath pants. The results can be incredibly playful and seriously stylish.


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